About Us

UCD’s society for Engineering and Computer Science students

What do we do?

UCD ElecSoc organises weekly events such as Robotics Club, Career Events, Site Trips and Workshops but fundamentally we have two main goals:

• Get members hands-on experience working with technology.
• Help members to network in the Technological Sector.

History of UCD ElecSoc

The UCD Electrical & Electronic Society was formed in 1990 as a faculty based student society for the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Its initial goal was to be a point of contact for students to engage with companies as they headed out into the workforce. Over the years and with the assistance of the staff of the school various committee have transformed the society into a vibrant and active entity with a presence across campus. The remit of the society now is much broader; making technology more accessible to all students across campus as well as continuing to organise networking opportunities for Electrical & Electronic Engineering Students. A special mention must be given to our Senior Treasurers; Professor Tom Brazil acted as Senior Treasurer from 1990 to 2018 where Associate Professor Elena Blokhina took up the mantel, they have offered great support to committees throughout the years and have been instrumental in the society’s success.