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What is TechSesh CV Database?

As you already know Technology Sessions or TechSesh in short is an informal career networking event between students at UCD and companies. It is run by UCD ElecSoc and its branch EESTEC Observer Dublin. To make this event more appealing to companies we have decided to create a TechSesh CV Database where undergraduate and graduate students looking for internships and career opportunities can upload their CVs. UCD ElecSoc will give access to this database to its partners & sponsors and all companies attending TechSesh. Companies are given access to the TechSesh CV Database for 11 months after TechSesh in a current year, and may regain their access in the following year again if they attend TechSesh again, or continue being our partner or sponsor.


What is in there for you?

Fair question with a very simple answer. If you are looking for an internship or a career opportunity you can simply upload your CV and we will do the ground work for you. Throughout the whole year we extensively look out for new partners and sponsors to work with us and they might be looking for a person just like you to join their team! Will you accept the offer?


How can I upload my CV?

This is very simple, all you need to do is click on the button bellow which best describes the course you’re pursuing and upload your CV in a PDF format.

The TechSesh 20 CV Database is now live. If you submitted you’re CV before it was active (before 20/10/20), please reupload now.

How can I update my CV?

If at any point you decide to update your CV in TechSesh CV Database you should email us at and we will make sure companies only see the most recent version of your CV. Time to put all those new projects in there!

How can I remove my CV?

If at any point you decide to remove your CV from the TechSesh CV Database you should email us at and we will make sure your CV is removed.