Annual General Meeting 2019

Apr 22, 2019News0 comments

UCD Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society Annual General Meeting was held on 18th of April 2019 at 6:30 PM in Room 135.

Several important points were addressed at the Annual General Meeting 2019. The most important were the election and announcement of the new committee for the academic year 2019/2020, the proposal and the vote for the changes in the Constitution of the Society, including two appendices and the overview of the current year.

The newly elected committee consists of few previous committee members which will ensure a smooth handover and knowledge transfer to the less experienced students who undertook some of these challenging positions. The following are the elected 2019/2020 committee members:

Auditor – Catherine Waechter
Secretary – Dasha Lisovski
Treasurer – Emma Coogan
Events Officer – Niall Donohoe
Public Relations Officer – Aishah Aich
IEEE Student Branch Chair – James Hayes
EESTEC Observer Dublin Chair – Callum Hunt
Robotics Officer – John Heavey
Robotics Officer – Hisham Talukder
Robotics Officer – Jack Nugent
Robotics Officer – Jon McGrath

The Senior Treasurer remained unchanged from the previous year, Dr Elena Blokhina.


Newly Elected Committee

From the left: James Hayes (IEEE Student Branch Chair), Callum Hunt (EESTEC Observer Dublin Chair), Niall Donohoe (Events Officer), Emma Coogan (Treasurer), Catherine Waechter (Auditor), Aishah Aich (Public Relations Officer), Jack Nugent, John Heavey and Hisham Talukder (Robotics Officers). Dasha Lisovski (Secretary) and Jon McGrath (Robotics Officer) not present.

Outgoing Committee

From the left: Catherine Waechter (Secretary), Aoibhe Turner-Heaney (Treasurer), James Hayes (Auditor), Ivan Nicevic (IEEE & EESTEC Officer), John Heavey and Hisham Talukder (Robotics Officers). Hamid Shokrani (Events Officer), Donnacha Lynch and Maksimilian Suvajev (Robotics Officers) not present.

Changes to the Constitution were proposed and the Constitution was successfully amended as the majority voted in favour of the changes. The main amendments were regarding the addition of new committee positions, more precisely adding two more robotics officers and a new position for a public relations officer. Other important amendments were the official integration of IEEE Student Branch and Chapters and EESTEC Observer Dublin (Junior Local Committee candidate). The relation between the UCD Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society and IEEE Student Branch and Chapters and EESTEC Observer Dublin is defined in Appendix I and Appendix II to the Constitution of the Society.