Technology Sessions 2021 or TechSesh 21 is a student led informal career event aimed at providing students and companies a platform to network specifically in the Technology Industry. Now in its 4th year, the event is being held virtually using a simple booking system to arrange informal calls between students and employers. Employers simply choose a time during the week that suits them. Students then select a 10 minute slot to speak with the employer.

How to Book an Appointment with a Company

If you find a company looking to speak with people from your course and stage, the process of booking a call with them is simple. The button(s) beside each company indicates the time period they have allocated for students to book calls. Clicking on one of these buttons brings you to a Google Calendar Appointments page where you can select a time to speak with them. You may want to select the Day option at the top right to see the available slots more clearly. Appointments should be booked using your UCD connect email address. In the description of the event you should put your name, course and stage. Optionally you can include LinkedIn or GitHub here as well. The appointment should show up in your calendar with a link to join the call (the link may only appear on the day of the call).

If you are not present for a call you booked with a company, your bookings with other companies may be cancelled.


How to view your appointments and join a scheduled call

To find out what platform a company are using for their calls, start by opening the appointment in your calendar. If they are using Google Meet, there will be a button Join with Google Meet (make sure you are logged in to the same email you signed up with, you can check this in the event guest list). If they are using Zoom or MS Teams, a link to the call will have been added to the event description (Teams calls can be opened in the browser without having to make an account).

Stay Up To Date

Join our discord to get notified whenever a company adds more time slots or for general updates on TechSesh and ElecSoc.

Having Problems?

Take a look at our FAQ below the company list.

Infineon Technologies

Formerly Cypress Semiconductor, having merged with Infineon we are now the eighth largest Semiconductor company in the world, specializing in automotive microcontrollers, power control and sensors and connected secure systems. We are the number one semiconductor company in the world for automotive and the Dublin Design office in Sandyford where the internship is based focus on audio and communication IP as well as one of the main CPU Subsystems for the 3rd Generation Traveo line of microcontrollers. Interns will receive a couple of month’s ramp up training and then be contributing to ongoing live project work as a member of our team.



Réaltra Space Systems Engineering, based in Dublin, Ireland and a leading Irish manufacturer of rugged, high performance, electronic systems for aerospace and space avionics applications for some of the world’s leading companies for more than 20 years. Realtra have an internship program and will also have job opportunities in 2022.


Maxim (Now Analog Devices)

Analog and Mixed Signal IC design. Open positions for graduate Electronic Engineers.


Tyndall National Institute

Tyndall & IPIC Summer Internship Tyndall National Institute is a leading European research centre in integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) hardware and systems. IPIC is the SFI Centre for research excellence in photonics research, innovation and training. At Tyndall and IPIC, our interns have the opportunity to work on projects that can help to make a real difference. We will give interns access to world-class research environments, and also the opportunity to learn from awarding winning scientists and researchers who are at the cutting edge of deep-tech research. To support interns during the programme and to give a truly immersive experience, interns are partnered with a senior researcher that’s relevant to their chosen research area. Interns will receive a generous bursary while undertaking a 12-week research project complemented by a workshop series. Interns will learn about research commercialisation, communication and more.

Applicants are sought from undergraduate students in all STEM fields from across all universities and institutes of technology in Ireland.

We offer internship roles in Photonics and Micro-Nano Systems


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Google Calendar Appointment page says “There are no appointment slots available in the time range shown”, how do I fix this?
A: You need to make sure you are viewing the day/week that the appointments period has been scheduled for. You can use the arrows at the top left to change the time period you are looking at. There may also be a link in the centre that will take you to the next available appointment slot.

Q: A company I am interested in has no more available bookings. Is there any way I can book a call with them?
A: Companies will be aware if their time slot has been booked out. Keep an eye on this page to see if they add more time slots.

Q: How do I cancel an appointment?
A: To cancel an appointment, go into your google calendar, open your booking event and respond “No” to the “Going?” prompt. Please cancel appointments with enough notice so that another student can book your time slot.

Q: Google Meet says I must wait for the host to let me into the meeting
A: You must be logged in to the email address you used to book the appointment (which should be your UCD connect address).

Q: Is it possible to speak to companies as a group or in pairs?
A: Yes, to add a friend to the appointment, open the event in Google Calendar and click the pencil icon to edit the event, under guests type your friend’s UCD Connect email and click Save.